We're a three sided marketplace bringing together cross-border online shoppers, local micro-influencer shoppers and retailers. You can now chat with locals worldwide to discover new brands, hot trends and special offers from stores.
For the first time shop smart, shop like a local.


"This is the ultimate shopping experience! Secure, simple, fun, no queuing or heavy lifting! I can discover and shop Fifth Avenue on "Black Friday" from my phone just by connecting to a local shupper!"

Simply browse our main feed to see what our talented shuppers have uploaded and what is happening in the shopping capitals of the world.

With our fast-purchase process, you can upload a picture of what you are looking for and a shupper will find it, buy it and ship it to you.

There is nothing like a human touch! Our shuppers are brand-agnostic and love what they do - their insight is key to shop like a local.

Our shuppers visit the best stores, brands, and sales and offer to shop for you in real time - so you won't miss a thing!

Be A Shupper

As a shupper, you can create your own world of shopping, style and insights. You can find your audience and followers and make money doing something you love. Think you have what it takes? Apply to become a shupper!


As a shupper-store, you can enjoy unlimited exposure and have a direct contact with your audience worldwide. You will enjoy bringing people back to your stores and breaking the barrier between the offline and online world while introducing your brand to global shoppers. Want to try it out? Become a Shupper-Store!


How does Shupperz work?
Shupperz is a platform that enables you to shop in different cities around the world with local personal shoppers (shuppers). Those shuppers are experts in their fields and can help you shop smart, just like a local - since they know the coolest brands, hottest sales, and the best outlets. Start a chat with a shupper to ask for a specific item, store or brand and they’ll shop it for you. You can also enjoy our live events on the app to shop in real time, or you can just take a stroll through our main feed to see what’s going on in stores around the globe today!
The purchase is made via chat with the shupper. That means you can ask anything about any product or brand and enjoy having a real person on the other side who can be a true consultant since our shuppers are brand agnostic.
How much does the service cost?
We have a processing fee that is a $15 fixed fee and includes shipping and our shuppers fee. If the order is over 2 kilo or larger than the standard shipping bag there may be extra shipping costs. You will be notified of this cost before the item is shipped to you for final approval. If the country you are ordering to has internal taxes you will be required to pay them as well. What’s best about our live events? Shopping with a personal shupper in real-time on a daily basis, see what’s going on in the stores around the world right now and enjoy exclusive sales that are available only offline.
Remember that you’re sharing the shuppers’ time with other people and that may include a little bit of a wait. Don’t worry, if the shupper didn’t get back to you during the live event they will get back to you ASAP to shop for you.
You don’t have to wait for a live event - you can start a chat and ask our shuppers for anything and they’ll go shopping for you at any time!
How is payment secured for all parties?
The payment in the app is secured for all parties via PayPal - our payment service.
Once you finalized the payment request and approved the purchase we activate our ‘Buyers Protection’ and the money will be transferred to Shupperz for safe keeping.
Your shupper will buy and ship the items to you through our shipping and logistics partners, once the package is received and the content is as ordered, the money will be transferred to your shupper.
What is your shipping method?
Our logistics company handles our packages and delivers them to ‘pick-up’ stops near you - the pickup stops are chosen by an algorithm that calculates the proximity to the address you have entered in your user profile. We guarantee that the package will arrive within 21 business days from the moment the package is in our shuppers care until it arrives at the pickup stop.
What is the return policy?
The return policy depends on the store you’ve made your purchase in. Please make sure to ask the shupper about the return policy of the store you’re shopping at. Some sales such as sample sales might be non-refundable.
If you have received an item that you wish to return, please contact Shupperz to receive a 'Return Policy' form. Once the package is returned to the store, you will receive your refund through Paypal minus the proccessing fee. Contact us at info@shupperz.com to get the form and for any assistance with this process. Note that we do not handle inquiries on returning items the user have received a month ago
How do I choose a shupper?
All of our shuppers are handpicked and amazing! They’re all professional shoppers and You can check out their profile in the main feed on the shuppers carousel (swipe right to see them all). Enjoy a range of experts and micro-influencers - including stylists, moms and beauty experts. Not sure who you want to shop with? You can always ask for recommendations on our closed community Facebook groups.
What are the working hours of customer service and where can they be reached?
The customer service team can be reached Sunday 9 am-7 pm and Monday-Thursday 9am-11pm through Support on the app, Instagram, Facebook messenger or email at info@shupperz.com.

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